1.500-Meter running test predicting vo2 max in 14-16-year old adolescent girls

Por: K. Karelson, T. Jurimae e T. Pomerants.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Direct measurement of maximum oxygen uptake (VO max) is recognized as the best single index of aerobic fitness [1]. Since the direct testing procedure is rather complicated on larger populations, several indirect running and walking field tests have been developed [2, 3]. It has been stated that equations for predicting VO2max indirectly using field tests are very sensitive to populations tested on.

The aim of this study was to determine the optimal duration or distance of walking or running test for indirect estimation of the level of aerobic working capacity in 14-16-year old adolescent girls. We assumed that running test will be more suitable than walking for this population; also that different body composition components are going to affect the results significantly.


One hundred and two apparently healthy adolescent girls of age 14-16 volunteered to participate in this study. The body height, mass, BMI and body fat % were measured. Three exercise tests were conducted: 15-minute walking and 15-minute running test on an indoor track, and direct VO2max test on a treadmill. Walking and running time (s) every 500 m was recorded and also the distance (m) at one minute intervals.


The most significant (r=0.39) field test for evaluating VO2max was found to be 1500-meter run. Reliability of this test was high (ICC=0.93). The results of the walking test did not correlate with the results of direct measurement of VO2max. Body fat % was most significant body composition characteristic affecting test results (r=0.28). The statistical analysis yielded following formula: VO2max/kg= -0.04529×1500m run (s) + 62.57 (SEE=6.79 ml∙kg-1∙min-1; r=0.65).


Walking was presumably not intensive enough for physically fit adolescent girls. 1500 m run time (s) correlated rather well with directly measured VO2max/kg and reliability of this test was high; also this test is simple to administrate. We suggest that 1500 m run is suitable for assessing aerobic working capacity in 14-16-year old adolescent girls.


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