A comparison of the self-esteem and self-concept of high school boy student athletes and non-athletes and their relationships with the academic achievement

Por: Ghabad Hassanpour e Parivash Nourbakhsh.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Self-esteem and self-concept are psychic and personality characteristics that have an important role on of improvement mental health. Also it is showed that physical activities have relationship with progress of psychic characteristics. The purpose of this study was to compare the self-esteem and self-concept of high school boy students’ athletes and non-athletes from educational districts in Ahwaz and their relationships with the academic achievement.


The method of this study was descriptive and was in the form of field study, using Shiraz’s’ self-esteem  questionnaire (1996) and Rojers self-concept questionnaire(1961).The reliability and validity of these questionnaire is confirmed accordingly by use of Cronbachs Alfa and Cooper Smiths’ self-esteem questionnaire (1967) and Beck’s self-concept questionnaire(1979).140 athletes students of group sports(football and volleyball) and individual sports(ping-pong and track and field ) and 140 non-athletes students of high school of Ahwaz, that choosed randomly have formed the statistical sample of this study. Testing the proposed hypothesis at the p<0.05 showed the following result: there was a significant difference between athletes and non-athletes self-esteem. No significant difference was found between self- concept of athletes and non-athletes. No significant difference was find between academic achievement of athletes and non-athletes .There was a multiple regression between self-esteem ,self-concept  and academic achievement in both athletes and non-athletes students .


The result of this study showed that the athlete’s self-esteem were higher than non-athletes. So we can use self-esteem for improvement of the athletes academic achievement. Thus, it is recommended that district educational of Ahwaz should prepare suitable conditions that encourage the students to take part in sport activities.

Keywords: self-esteem, self-concept, academic achievement, athlete, Non-athlete



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