A New Method Of Muscle Strength Training By Vibarating Platform

Por: Chunzheng Peng e Xiaoyan Wei.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Muscle strength, especially total leg strength, plays an important role in human performance. The total leg strength
depends on aspects of training level, coordination of muscle groups etc. It is solved that how we should effectively
improve muscle strength. The traditional training methods are to do various resistive exercises. According to dynamical
adaptation principles of muscle strength training, we designed a vibrating platform system for muscle strength training.

Ten male athletes were randomly assigned into the experimental and control groups. The control groups(Ⅰ) do resistive
exercises of squat with knees bending to 1100--1200, and the experimental groups(Ⅱ) do the same standing on the
homemade vibration platform which its frequency is 20-25Hz and the acceleration is 15-20m/s2, the direction of
vibrating is only vertical. The relative isokinetic peak torque of the flexors and extensors of lower limbs is tested and
evaluated by Biodex system Ⅲ before the beginning of training and after the end of training.

After 8 weeks training, relative peak torques(RPT) of hip bending with 600/s and 3000/s are tested by using Biodex Ⅲ.
GroupsⅠincrease separately 6.6% and 2.2% and groups Ⅱseparately 15.3% and 17.1% (P<0.05). The RPT of hip
stretching with 600/s and 3000/s of group Ⅱ increase separately 18.4% and 19.5 (P<0.05), and groupⅠ increase separately
9.0% and 7.6%. The RPT of knee bending and stretching in the same way increases more than hip. The value of knee
bending of group Ⅱ increase separately 28.5% and 13.9%, group Ⅰ increase separately 4.6% and 3.5%. The value of knee
stretching of group Ⅱ increase separately 29.9% and 13.6%(P<0.05), group Ⅰ separately 9.5% and 7.5%. There are
significant differences between two groups while bending and stretching. (P<0.01)

Discussion/ Conclusions
It is suggested that vibration stimulated strength training is more effectively than the traditional to improve the lower
limb strength. The vibrating platform is very useful in muscle strength training.

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