A research on chinese womens participation in mass sports

Por: Wendi Meng, Xinxian Zou e Yongbo Guo.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The population of women takes one half of the Chinese population. Since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China, with the overall progress in the Chinese society, the process of women’s participation in sports has been greatly advanced, especially in competitive sports. A situation that female athletes compete better than male athletes has emerged. However, in mass sports, women are a small group, forming a striking contrast with the women in competitive sports. Women’s sports play an important part in the development of Chinese sports cause. To some extent, women’s participation in sports can reflect the progress and civilization of the Chinese nation. How to motivate women to participate in sports to give a full play in the socialist material and spiritual construction is a top issue faced with us.


The paper adopts random sampling and investigated 10 provinces and cities, 106 counties and districts, 237 streets, 592 household committees and 3469 people.


Generally speaking, the investigation included the following contents: 1) the general condition of women’s participation in mass sports in China; 2) the features of women of different ages when participating in sports; 3) the comparison between rural women and urban women when participating in sports; 4) the sexual differences of mass sports; 5) the developmental research of women’s sports in different eras as well as the developmental trends of Chinese women’s mass sports. The research not only explores the present condition of women’s sports in China but also reveals the existing problems in women’s participation in mass sports in China.






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