A research on mass sports participation of different gender in china

Por: Wendi Meng, Xinxian Zou e Yingbo Guo.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In 2001, the General Sports Administration of China, together with the Chinese Social Science Academy and Beijing Sport University conducted an investigation into Chinese people’s participation in mass sports nationwide. The methods of random sampling and household survey were conducted among 8000 urban and rural residents living in 106 Chinese counties and districts. Based on the data obtained in this investigation, the paper researched and analyzed mass sports participation of people of different ages and revealed the differences existing in mass sports participation. Besides, the factors affecting women participating in mass sports were analyzed from the angle of sociology so that the government and social organizations may better manage sport activities for people of different ages and further promote people’s wide participation in mass sports.


The methods of literature review, social investigation, mathematical statistics and logical analysis were adopted in the research.

Great differences existed in the aspects of frequency, time, place, activities and concepts of doing sports between men and women. Generally speaking, women’s participating level was lower than that of men’s; differences existed in mass sports participation of people of different ages, different jobs, different activities, places of doing sports and the choices of doing sports. The research indicated that economy, education, career and culture were factors contributing to different mass sports participation between men and women; from the angle of sociology, people’s role identity, role expectation and self-consciousness were fundamental causes in affecting people’s different mass sports participation.

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