A research on the unconcsious creative ability in forming skills

Por: Qing Zhang e Wang Jing Deng.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Through the ancalysis of certain phenomenon, materials and experimental results, the article attempted to verify that mankind has the ability to make some creative acts unconsciously ίn the time who wants to achieve a certain goal (namely, Unconscious Creative Ability). The ability has realistic signίficance in forming skills. Under guidance ofthe design according to the "Unconscious Creative Ability", some experiments offorming skills illustrated that skills could be formed more quickly with the ability.


The methods used ίη this article were experiment, statistics and psychological analysis. Students were divided into the experimental group in which a goal which students wanted to achieve eagerly was made so that some acts were need not taught and the contrast group to be taught with every act. The data from the experiment were analysed by statistics.The reason ofthe result was analysed from the "Unconscious Creative Ability".


The result of the experiment showed that students could master skills more quickly by the utilization of the
"Unconscious Creative Ability".


The reason that students in experiment group could master skills more quickly was that less acts needed to be taught and they also could master the skills by the utilization ofthe "Unconscious Creative Ability".


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