A study of taiwans corporations sponsor beijingbid for 2008 olympic game

Por: Chen Hsiung Chou e Chun Chih Tu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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After two anonymous votes, Beijing defeated four other cities and won the bid for the 2008 Olympic games by the slogan "New Beijing Great Olympics" in the 112th International Olympic meeting in Moscow on 13 July 2001. Ever since the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Bid Committee (BOGBC) was established on 6 September, 1999, people from all walks of life have contributed their labor power and resources to support Beijing’s bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games. Chinese and many other foreign enterprises also sponsored its bid to win more popularity and expand their occupation rate in the market. The purpose of this study is to determine which Taiwan’s enterprises sponsored towards Beijing’s bid for the Olympics to increase their competitive power.
The results of this research were derived from the deduction, analysis and organization of information collected from literature study, reference materials, surveys and interviews on managers in Taiwan.


The results from the analysis of our data are enclosed below:
First: As shown in the research, 60% of Beijing’s Olympic budget was sponsored by non-official institutes, of which 80% are local enterprises. The BOGBC separates its sponsors into two groups-namely the cooperative partners and enthusiastic sponsors. The former composes of 16 businesses, while the later consists of 13 enterprises.
Second: The Acer Group was listed by BOGBC as an "enthusiastic sponsor" because they sponsored one million RMB to Beijing’s Olympic fund. The president of Acer Group CHEN-RONG SHI declared, "we’ll continue to increase our investments in Mainland China in the future and manage to make Acer a well-known international brand by the advantage of the lucrative market in China."
Third: VIA Group had been involved in the application in the Olympic Bid Movement since May, 2001. They sponsored 500 thousands USD with Beijing City Government to host a sculpture arts exhibition with the topic of "The VIP Petal in China " for the purpose of warming up the air of the application in Olympic Movement. The host of the exhibition chose 96 masterpieces from all the artworks - which will be placed in the Olympic Sports Park, the Olympic Games stadiums, the National Sports Museum and main streets in Beijing as one part of the street views of Beijing and as a everlasting souvenir of Beijing’s Olympic Bid Movement.

Discussion / Conclusions

Beijing’s success on 2008 Olympic Bid Movement has absorbed the global attention. Taiwan’s corporations have established the official cooperative relationship with Beijing via sponsoring the application. International enterprises also express their cooperative willingness on sponsoring 2008 Olympic Movement to Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad actively. The market development plan of Olympic Movement in Beijing has been launched since May, 2003. How Taiwanese corporations utilize the chance to promote themselves, increase the share rate on the market, enhance competitive abilities, and prepare for challenges in the new century, are the key points which corporations and sport organizations should care for.


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