A study of the current situation and development of community sports in small towns of shenzhen city

Por: Yan Pang e Zheng Wang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The study deals with the current situation, existing problems and anti-development factors of the community sports in small towns of Shenzhen city.


The study employs various methods like literature review, interview, field survey, questionnaire and mathematical statistics. Concretely a survey of 600 typical residents is conducted in the way of random sampling.


The study reveals the situation of residents’ sports participation in small towns of Shenzhen city in the year 2002: the community sports population aged 16-59 is 24.8%; the top three sports value orientations are health (50.7%), entertainment (21.8%), and stress alleviation (9.9%); sports partner choices are friends and colleagues (48.7%), none (20.4%), and family members (12.2%); the preferred items are basketball, volleyball, soccer (24.5%), ping-pong (14.2%), and swimming (14.1%). Meanwhile, the factors against sports development are revealed and analyzed with the component analysis method.

Discussion/ Conclusions

In the context that China is under social transition and high-speed modernization construction, the community sports in small towns will go along with the social development and as a significant means for Chinese people to body-build and entertain sports have become indispensable to modern life.


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