A Study On The Evaluation And Th Edevelopment Of Hainans Sports Tourism Resources In China

Por: Min-hui Xia.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Aiming to the dissatisfied present situation, this article studied the evaluation and development of Hainan’s sports
tourism resources from the perspective of sports tourism.

1.Documentation. 2 Questionnaires. 3. Experts Interview. On the basis of 16 experts of tourism, sport humanities and
tourism development, the index system was established. 4.Statistics. All data were analyzed by SPSS.

1. Classification and statistics on the quantities. In the national classification standard of China - GB/18972-2003 ,
among eight greatest types of sports tourism resources, Hainan gets seven and occupy 87.5%; among 31 second types,
Hainan has 21, occupy 67.74%; among 155 basic types, Hainan has 117 and occupy 75.48%. In a word, Hainan
Province occupies 34,000 square kilometer, and 89%of China’s sports tourism resource, which is really rare in China.
2. Quality evaluations of Hainan’s sports tourism resources. Hainan’s sports tourism resources are ocean-featured and
their types are plentiful. They have good quality and strong systemization. Seven main factors of the geography, water,
weather, creature and so on integrate the natural landscapes, which make the landscaped have different esthetics,
exercises and tourism value. At the same time, it makes sports tourism resources have the special qualities that other
traveling resources can’t match with.
But at present the development degree of Hainan’s sports tourism resources is still low. In some place whether the
travelers can enter or not is still under consideration. The complete developed potential is far away to discuss.
3. Quantity evaluations of Hainan’s sports tourism resources. (1)Evaluation on single factors; (2) The establishment of
the evaluation system; (3) evaluation methods of single factors; (4) the definition of the proportion to the index system
of sports tourism resources ( see the table) ; (5) Elucidation on the evaluation item and evaluation factors; (6) Scoreand the grade demarcation.

Discussion/ conclusion
1 Hainan’s Sports Tourism Resources synthesize strongly and they have high intense degree but low development
degree, which is good for unify programming and preface development period and period. 2 Hainan’s Sports Tourism
Resources should be integrated scientifically so that all sports events have clear characteristics but can mutually act in
cooperation, which will gradually establish a system of Hainan’s Sports Tourism Resources, and then increase their
competition ability.

[1]. Travel Bureau of Hainan province.(2003).Hainan’s programming outline of development Hainan’s Sports Tourism
Resources. Hainan
[2]. Huang Zhenfang.(2002).Doctoral dissertation in Nanking Normal University. Nanking,52
[3]. Gibson, H.J.(1998).Sport Management Review,1,45-76

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