A Study On The Integrated Network Model Of School-family-community Physical Education

Por: Yajun Song.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In order to meet the reform of physical education, push into the integrated pattern of "school-family-community"(S-FC)
physical education and constructing the omni-directional regional socialized network of physical education .It is not
only a request for the new development of social sports ,but also the important way of physical educational creativity.

This study, regarding the integration of "S-F-C" physical education and its chief elements as the researching objects, by
means of the method of system and function simulation and by constructing the set model of math, explores the
integrated network pattern of "S-F-C" physical education and reforming measure of physical education system.

Graph 1 shows the mutual relation of school physical education(SPE), family physical education(FPE) and community
physical education(CPE). As graph 2 showing, three sets of "S-F-C" physical education mutually connect and combine
and regard student as the center to form whole organically amoung environment of society. According to graph 3, A
represent the steering committee of "S-F-C" physical education integration, B and C and D stand for the coordination
committee between SPE and FPE and CPE, and to form the managing set model of the integration.

(1)The integrated objects, diverse means,
democratic procedures and information technology of physical education stimulate the formation of the integrated "S-FC"
physical education model; the intercross contents offer grounds for the formation of this integrated physical
education model.(2)The function integration, procedure continuity, effect
unbalance of school, family and community physical education respectively constitute the aims and objects, main part
and means, essence and features of the integrated creative "S-F-C" physical education network model.(3)The operation
of the integrated "S-F-C" physical education model depends on certain organizations, systems and measures;
theoretically, the operation of the integrated physical education network can be effectively maintained by the
establishment of the integrated horizontal and vertical organization, exploitation of its standard function and the
guaranteed system and publicity.

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