A study on the present situation of government-funded sports researches in china

Por: Liang-jun Zhou, Shu-ting Lv, Tian-bai Zhang e Xiao-ying Chen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Government-Funded Sports Researches (GFSR) are those managed and funded by the state and the State Sport General Administration of China. As the top part of sports social research, their work reflects the development of sports sciences in China. In addition, they play an important role in subject building, and push forward sports’ reform and development.


This paper makes use of some research methods including the study of documents, expert interviews and statistics.


1. In 1997 the Sports Social Science researches became one of the state’s first-class research subjects and it was the first time that the researches have received the Fund of State Social Science. From then on, the amount of researches and sponsorship capital increased rapidly. 2.These researches mainly concentrated on the important theoretic and practical problems, such as, Sports For All, development strategies, sports markets and mechanism reforms. Many high-level achievements have been put into practice. 3. The age structure of researchers was reasonable.
There were still some problems: First, most of the researchers came from the East and South, the economically advanced regions of China. Second, the amount of fundamental theoretical research was too little while it was very important for the whole research system. Third, national, and especially international academic exchanges and communications were limited. Finally, the research should be connected with practice more closely.
The tendency of the Government-Funded Sports Researches will be as follows: First, researches on sports in cities, sports industry, farmers’ sports and the 2008 Olympic games will be the highlight in the near future. Second, some advanced methods will be adopted. Finally, researchers in other fields will undertake more and more projects.
Some suggestions were presented: 1.The management department should attach more importance on the fundamental theoretical researches and should establish sports theoretical system adapting to Chinese situation. 2. The building of a research team and research centers should be intensified. 3. The management department, institutions and society should create a free, democratic and equal research environment to promote more exchanges and communications. 4. The management department should work out the evaluation system for research achievements and should put that system into practice.5.Cooperation among different subjects, different fields and different countries should be promoted.

Discussion/ conclusion

This paper itself is a government-funded research. It completely analyzed and generalized the present situation of Government-Funded Sports Researches in China during the resent ten years. However, there are still some limitations because of limited time. It needs a further research in the future.


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