A study on the problems of community sports in the small towns of the pearl river delta

Por: Xiao-ying Chen.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The development of sports in the small towns of Chinese is an important influence on the safety, life and insurance of millions of residents that need to be taken care of not only by society as a whole but also by public policies. By means of demonstration study this paper described five of the greatest problems existing in the present situation of community
sports in the small towns of the Pearl River Delta, a district in South China.


Some research methods including the study of documentation, interview, spot investigation, questionnaire inquisition and statistic method were adopted in this paper.


1. Residents didn’t dominate their free time scientifically and haven’t established healthy sports lifestyles.
2. The distribution of sports stadiums and facilities was not reasonable. 80% of them concentrated in schools and other educational units, only 10% of which were open to the public.
3. Sports associations didn’t develop. First, the quantity and scale was limited, and the function was misguided. 83.1% of residents were not members of the associations. Second, their internal and exterior management was lax.
4. Sports budgets were not independent. Education, culture, hygiene and sports belonged to one section and each budget quantity or proportion was not clearly defined. Moreover, management of sports sponsorship was passive.
5. Sports of different small towns continued to be unbalance, and the margin of development was continuous to expand.
Some suggestions are as follows:
1.Government should attach more importance on how to guide residents to form sports life styles. 2. Educational system in small towns should open the stadiums and facilities gradually to the public in order to share the resources and eventually to reach a win-win situation. 3. The buildup of non-profit organizations should be enhanced and sports should be socialized. 4. A reasonable proportion of sports budget should be formulated. The work of sponsorship should be systemized and sports should be industrialized.

Discussion/ conclusion

This paper was abridged from the achievement of a research item sponsored by Chinese Social Science Fund -the Development Model of Community Sports in Small Towns of the Pearl River Delta. This research investigated their present situation at a large scale. It is recommended as a reference for the policy-making of governments and guiding bodies. However, it has a lot of limitation because of limited time. So further study is needed.


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