Activating Women Through Sports In Egypt

Por: Maha Shafeik.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Women’s sport has gained a great deal of attention in Egypt. Now, women are participating in many of the same activities and competitions as men. Recently, these have included activities, which are traditionally stereotypes as "male" - football, weight lifting and wrestling.
Beyond the area of competition, and taking into account that the political leadership has issues many edicts and decisions to promote women’s position in sport management, there remains a relative absence of women in the decision-making structures, especially the national federations.
There are a very few women in these positions, but what keeps others from achieving this? What barriers exist in policy or practice, and what changes need to be made to change the situation?
The presentation will refer to interviews with woman activists in sport in Egypt, who have made some progress in the sports federations in Egypt.

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