All and opinion poll by student about physical education activities in university of iran

Por: Hassan Assadi e Nooshin Esfahani.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The goal of this research is to determine physical activities needs and sport of university students in 3 dimensions of sports programs, necessary equipments and facilities and desirable Human resource so to examine the student ‘s attest des and view points toward the exciting the physical training considering the above dimensions . Utilizing the above applied data ,we can compile a good program based on the student’s needs as well as reform and improve the existing programs and activities and improve in 3 dimensions of sports program , necessary facilities and human resources and provide high effectiveness productivity assessing and directing the budget and necessary facilities in the best way. 2411 students ( 1236 mate and 1175 female ) of 51 universities and higher education institutes of Science Research and Technology administration participated in these descriptive field research .
The subject were selected randomly from all the universities . A special questionnaire was prepared by the experts. The reliability index of this 51 question - questionnaire was 89.7 % in preliminary study. Using the dependent and independent groups T test and spire man correlation index , the result were assessed and presented in descriptive, analytic diagram. Spss test of software and person were used as well as descriptive statistics .The research result show that on the average the student exercise 2.25 hours a week , 1.51 hours of which are in university or dormitory. 39.9 % of students don’t exercise at all. Only 21.5 % exercise 3 sessions a week and more. They mention the reasons for not exercising as boredom 16 % lack of sport club 14.60% , etc. 41.48% selected sports, public programs , 27% selected educational sport programs, 22.13% selected sport matches in program priorities .The students were interested in swimming , body building , mount climbing , football , volleyball, table tennis , running, walking, exercising, karate, chess, cycling, basketball, tennis, badminton, skating, skiing, boating, gym, wrestling, handball, weight lifting.
On the whole , the students sport hours in the week were short and the lack of facilities is one of the clear factors to limit the sports hours. The order of existing sport fields are different from the students, favorite sport field .Now race programs are on the top but the students prefer sport, public programs ( approximately 2 times more than matches). The match ranking administered at different levels now suits the student’s ideals. The students are ready to participate in administration of sport activities in universities and consider it necessary . But the participation is too weak now. The existing sport clubs aren’t utilized and the hours the students can utilize are very limited.
This research has been conducted and performed under the budget and grant of physical education research center and physical education organization of science, research and technology ministry.




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