An analysis on actuality an d countermeasures for community sports of tianjin city of china

Por: Lan-jun Zhou, Li-xin Pei e Wei Cao.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Tianjin is the third biggest city in China. In 1989 Hedong District of Tianjin first put forward the word of City Community Sports in China. In 1992 Tianjin firstly evaluated excellent communities according to the development of community sports in China. At present, 22 communities of Tianjin get the title of Nation’s Excellent Sport Community. This article summed up the successful experience of development of community sports of Tianjin, the main aim is to make countermeasures for developing city community sports. This research was sponsored by Tianjin Governmental fund as an important study.


Quantitative and Qualitive methods were used, questionnaire is main method and at the same time adopted methods of unstructured interview and nonparticipant observation. Survey lasted 3 months from June to Sep.2002. By stratified random sampling, 51 communities as samples that take up 49.5% of 103 communities of Tianjin, there are 6 Nation’s Excellent Sport Communities among them. We designed two kinds of Questionnaires, one for 102 governmental managers of 51 communities, gathered 95 questionnaires and there are 88 valid ones, validity is 86%. Another one for 765 residents of 51 communities, gathered 654 ones and 612 valid ones, validity is 80%. SPSS for Windows 8.0 was used to analyse data.


The survey results show that Tianjin has developed organization system for community sports, all communities developed sports associations, total has 327 ones and over 5000 fitness centers for residents; has formed a team of over 8000 coaches and instructors with sports and management skills for community sports, some of them are volunteers; has built 228 sports facilities till 2002, area of 370,000 ㎡; has enough funds for community sports, Sport Lottery of Tianjin sponsored ¥15 million till 2002 for purchasing sports equipment and building estimate centers for residents’ constitution.
Making countermeasures for improving development of community sports from five aspects. Firstly, developing normative system of management and social run mechanism for community sports. Secondly, developing service network of community sports, such as different activities for different residents. Thirdly, building sports facilities for residents that have the advantages of convenience, multi-function and clear air etc. Fourthly, keeping on training instructors with good skill and loving the job. Fifthly, developing social sponsor system to ensure enough professional people, funds and facility for community sports.


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