Analysis for the development of sports tourism in sichuan, china

Por: Boli Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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1.Sichuan tourism resources and the developmental foundation on sports tourism

Sichuan is not only the "Nature’s Storehouse" but also rich in tourism resources. In Sichuan, the nature brings fantastic landscape, such as Jiuzai Gully and so on; besides the natural beauty, there are also various historic heritage melted Sichuan traditional culture and ancestors’ wisdom; furthermore, Sichuan has unique culture and custom which makes Sichuan tourism more colorful and rich.
The resource of Sichuan Tourism is featured as large amount, overall style, wide range and high appreciation. Good resource environment is the precondition and foundation for developing sports tourism, which includes:

Nature resource

Nature resource refers to the tourism resource attracting original sources through the nature. Sichuan owns various topographies. According to the statistics, there are 20 ecological tourism zones with the sea altitude of 5000m, some of the mountains opening for home and abroad which provides the natural sites for sports tourism like ascending mountains, rock climbing, skiing. There are also many rivers and lakes which offer aquatic sports tourism like surfing, fishing, swimming, boating, drifting and so on.

Humanism resource

Humanism resource refers to the tourism attracting original sources through social culture. Due to the various nationalities, Sichuan is particular in national traditional sports, such as Tibetan’s tug-of-war, horse racing,. etc. Other Sichuan nationalities would also hold some national sports games or national festivals with abundant sports activities and so on. Folk sports activities contain deep folk custom which attracts tourists.

Other sports tourism source

It refers that besides the above-mentioned source, there have other sports tourism sources, such as the achievement of sports industry, other man-made sports facilities.
2.The development and quo status of Sichuan sports tourism
Sichuan sports tourism has started while the tourism rapidly develop and Sichuan sports tourism has developed quite early in China. The local government pay more attention to develop sports tourism. In 2001, Sichuan sports bureau held the seminar of "Western China Sports Industry Development: on sports leisure and expedition tourism", and also held many other sports tourism activities to promote the sports tourism development.
3.Problems in Sichuan sports tourism have to be solved
1.1 Relatively underdeveloped economy development and lower income of the residents.
1.2 Concept and consuming behavior restriction.
1.3 Low level of management, inadequate personnel.
1.4 Facilities far behind the development, poor exploitation of products.
1.5 Popularization, promotion, management and other problems.
These difficulties and problems to be solved, the sports tourism in Sichuan must further advances on the already good situation.


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