Analysis Of The Design Most Active Public Policy Bogotá, In Terms Of Citizen Participation And Intersectoral

Por: Diana Camargo Rojas, Edgar Prieto-suárez e Rosmary Martínez Rueda.

IV Congreso Latinoamericano de Estudios Socioculturales Del Deporte - ALESDE

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The 1991 Constitution established the participation as law and a right in Colombia, and it was regulated by Law 134 of 1994, increasing its participation mechanisms offer. The exercises have allowed citizens to express themselves to the problems in various sectors, favoring the increase of social organizations. However, the majority of the population in Bogotá has not participated in the institutional spaces offered to solve community problems. On the other hand, physical activity, sport and recreation are both, determinants of health and human development . Hence the importance of the formulation of public policy “Bogotá más Activa”, which was designed through a strategy that sought intersectoral participation , called " The ball is in your hands." Objetive: The purpose of the study was to describe how participation and intersectoral approach for the design of public policy “Bogotá más Activa” through the eyes of the actors were developed. Results: The design of the policy took place in 2009 with the participation of over 5000 people through focus groups of citizens, interest groups, experts and sectors related to the topic. In 2013 an adjustment to it with a similar strategy with more than 1,500 people was conducted. From the look of the actors on the process, it was found that there is not a culture of participation in the city, the credibility of institutions is low as well as the commitment of the State sectors. Participation is seen as an exercise through which legitimizes the State but is not considered as a mechanism for advocacy. Conclusions: The participatory process in the formulation of public policies is still a work in progress and learning. It is necessary to restore confidence in governance and State agencies, as well as to have the commitment of different actors, ensuring governance.
Key words: Physical activity, public policies, participation, intersectorial

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