Analysis of the relationship between heart rate variability and maximal oxygen uptake in rower male

Por: Binghong Gao, Enqian Ruan e Zhijun Li.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Heart rate variability (HRV) has become a widely used tool for assessing the autonomic input to the heart various physiological and clinical conditions. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between HRV and maximal oxygen uptake in rower male.


Object: The study population consisted of 12 male professional rower (18.67±1.61years、190.79±4.82cm、84.42±7.25kg). Measurement of VO2max: The load-increasing exercise is conducted by means of CONCEPT Ⅱ. The initial load is 20 QF(quant frequency) /min, one more load is added every 3 minutes till exhaustion. The indexes are recorded at every 10th second, such as HR, VO2, VCO2, RQ, O2-pluse,VE by means of CORTEX Biophysik MetaMax○,R Portable CPX system. Measurement of HRV: Frequency domain analysis was performed by calculating the power density spectrum using the fast Fourier algorithm. Index included total variability (TV.rri), Low Frequency (LF.rri), High Frequency (HF.rri),LF/HF. Data Analysis: All the data are processed with SPSS 10.0 and Microsoft Excel. The results are presented as mean± standard deviation. Paired Samples T test and
Independent Sample T test are conducted as well.


We results showed : 1) VO2max of the male rower was 5.18±0.42L/min, total variability (TV.rri) was 5360.1±3883;Low Frequency (LF.rri) was 1330.9±1382;High Frequency (HF.rri) was 2215.6±2454;LF/Hf was 0.838±0.46. 2) Significant positive correlation(P<0.01)was found between VO2max and total variability (TV.rri) in male rower, r =0.74. 3) Significant positive correlation(P<0.05)was found between VO2max and Low Frequency (LF.rri) in male rower, r =0.666. 4) another results showed, VO2max and both HF.rri and LF/HF were found that they no significant correlation(P>0.05).


1) It shows that male rower athletes should have a better aerobic capacity, the higher the HRV grows. 2) Significant positive correlation(P<0.01)both VO2max and total variability (TV.rri) indicate autonomic nervous system accommodate is important in determining performance in endurance exercise of rower athlete. 3) Characteristics of HRV in rower athlete,can be a contributor to their long training., maybe, this regular long training stimulus is required in order for to occur higher the VO2max.


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