Analyze on the community events choosing of chinese citizens physical exercise

Por: Ling-hua Ran e Yu-pu Tian.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Choosing what kind of exercise event is one of the main factors influenced the exercise effects directly, and also determines the members, the intensity, and the exercise time. The author analyses the character of Chinese citizens physical exercise events, and summarizes its regular and its limited factors. The study will provide several propose to promote Chinese citizens physical exercise.


The study investigated Beijing, Shanghai and Chinese and selected three public sports field for one year from 1999.3 to 2000.3. Surveyed 25000 citizens and sent 1600 piece of papers, which including the purpose of exercise, the reason choosing events, the attitude to popular events, besides these, the author looked up many references.

Results and conclusions

Chinese citizens exercise events in the proper order are traditional events 29.3%, recreational and sports activities 24.5%, running 21%, ball 19.2%, and the tennis is becoming citizens favorites event. Results: There are 6 main limited factors on citizen choosing events.1.government supports and guide. 2. Exercise purpose and interest. 3. Lacking of place and equipment and partner. 4. Citizens age and sex. 5. Foundation of sports culture. 6. The regional character. Conclusion: 1. The exercise event chosen is depended on the support and guide of government, the qigong exercisers are lower than before. 2. The traditional events are still very high, but the events, such as tennis and swimming are becoming more and more popular. 3. The investigation implies citizen near the sports field or equipment and its exercise effects are very manifest and of science. 4. Chinese is in the north of China, for the climates reason, the event is of obvious periodicity. 5. The events chosen mental is not mature and lack of personality.


(1). Strengthen the government’s function, and make enough field and equipment for citizens exercise, as soon as possible provide more beneficial exercise conditions. (2). Give citizen wide publicity to exercise. (3). Open the sports field in university, in middle school and primary school. (4). Develop the north climates’ advantages for citizens ‘exercise.


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