Analyzing to 21st century olympic games competition patten possibility transformation

Por: Qingwei Hao, Yanhong Ma e Zhigang Yue.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The developing process of modern Olympics Games competition pattern evolution had reflected significant influence to the Olympic Games competition pattern of the various factors such as modern society politics, the economy, the science and technology, the culture and so on. Simultaneously it is also the fact that the Olympic Games adapts the human society huge change on own initiative. This article summarized the Olympic Games competition pattern historical evolution, mainly displays in following several aspects: competition scale change; competition content change; the duration change; winter-summer changing pattern; female participates in the game. Simultaneously points out several problems of the present Olympic Games competition pattern as following: Olympic Games scale oversized, so it has brought the undertaking country’s funds collection comparatively major difficulty; More and more many countries capture the undertaking power of the Olympic Games, causes the struggle to hold the Olympic Games the expenditure to be more and more big; The economical developing country does not have the ability to undertake; Olympic Games summer Olympics scale is huge, the winter Olympics scale excessively is small, "the two imbalanced question urgently must solve". At the beginning of the new century, we carries on the analysis to the Olympic Games competition pattern possibility transformation, design three kinds of 21st century Olympic Games competition pattern in advance has the vital significance.


Study literature materials for 30, questionnaire 200.

The paper design three kinds of 21st century Olympic Games competition pattern as following: The sports item of the Summer Olympics and the winter Olympics is balanced. It means that take H¬2O as a boundary, those items correlative with H¬2O placed in winter Olympics and the others in the summer Olympics; Pattern two: The Olympic Games are not divided into winter and summer, hold every four years, all the items are classified by land, aquatic, snow and ice, carried on synchronous and undertook together by three cities; Pattern three: all the items are divided into five parts and undertook at one time in five cities which located in five continent, hold every four years.


The present Olympic Games competition pattern are non synchronous with human society’s development and it has appeared many kinds of problems; The Olympic Games competition pattern transformation is the request of human society development, transforms the Olympic Games competition pattern is necessary. The three patterns we designed can become 21st century Olympic Games competition pattern. We suggest IOC discuss the transformation question of the Olympic Games competition pattern as soon as possible so that eliminates those problems.


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