Athletic and movement activities in all -day schools

Por: Aggeliki Tsapakidou.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The aim of this thesis is to research and draw attention on children’s participation in athletic venues and all-day schools. Morover, it remarks on the role and importance of movement activities in children’s development.
Game gives life to children, is their ‘small world’ with all elements that constitute joy, emotion, pleasure, knowledge and socialisation. Game has two options - game as a vehicle for development of physical activities and game as a way to approach various areas of knowledge.


Register all children that have participated in athletic venues and all-day schools from a municipality of 100.000 residents.


The time children spend in those athletic venues was of low duration. The number of all-day schools was small.
Increasment of all-day schools and endavour of children’s participation in movement activities.



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