Biomechanical response to some muscel skeletal sport injuries: significant

Por: E. Magda, H. Basewny, H. Heshmat e S. Amr.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The aim of this experiment is to study the Biochemical Responses to some museulohiletel sport injuries and its significance .
Many pathological processes lead to increased production of free radicals that targets critical macromolecules such as proteins , DNA. Lipids and extra cellular matrix (Balazy .2000) .Malondialdehyde may be used as an index of free radical (Reda,2001) 15 cases of musculoskletal injuries ( strain , sprains and dislocation and a control group of 15 sound perrous were used in this study > urine samples and blood samples were drawn , urinary Malondialdehyde was analyzed using spectrometer , loge ther with serum CK and LDH. Correlation was statistically estimated between Malondialdehyde result and creatine Phosphokinase and lactate dehydrogenises enzymes . The results indicated an increased Malondildehed concentration in urine together with increased ck and LDH enzymes in musculoskeletal Sports injuries compared with the healthy persons with no injury problems .The correlation date revealed (T) results between urinary Malondialdehyde and serum ck and LDH .
It may concluded that : urinary Malondialdehyde might be used as a simple non invasive method as a musculoskeltal sport injury index .
It may be recommended to widen the scope of research in bigger number of cases and other sport injury cases .


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