Blood Lactate And Performance Of Junior Soccer Players Supplemented With Yellow And Red Orange Juice

Por: Cassio Mascarenhas, Elen Freitas, Nancy Aptekmann, Sara Terrazas e Thais Cesare.

43º Simpósio Internacional de Ciências do Esporte Simpoce

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Introduction: Orange juice (OJ) is a complex food matrix, consisting of water, sugars (sucrose, glucose, fructose), micronutrients (calcium, potassium, folic acid), and antioxidants (vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids) that can assist in the performance of soccer athletes. Objectives: Assessment the effect of orange juice, yellow (YOJ) or red (ROJ), 100% pure, for 60 days, on physical performance and blood lactate in youth soccer athletes. Methodology: 30 male athletes (18 ± 0.5 years), sub20 category of the Federacao Paulista de Futebol, in training (15-20h/week), randomly distributed in groups: (1) control (n=8), supplemented with control drink (aqueous isocaloric solution of sucrose, glucose and fructose); (2) group supplemented with YOJ (n=10); and (3) group supplemented with ROJ (n=9). All consumed 1 L/day of the referred beverage, before and after training (500mL/each time). Basal and 60 days blood samples were used to evaluate: maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max), vV02m.timeout (Thm); oxygen consumption at the anaerobic threshold (VO2Lan); lactate after ThmvV02m. (LACThm), lactate at the end of the 200m test (LAC200m). Results: VO2max, VO2Lan showed no difference between periods and groups (p>0.05). The VO2max speed was higher after 60 days in all groups, but higher in the ROJ group. Tlim decreased in all groups after 60 days. LACThm reduced only for the YOJ and ROJ groups. LAC2oom decreased after 60 days in all groups, but YOJ and ROJ were smaller than Control (Table 1). Conclusions: YOJ and ROJ attenuated blood lactate, improving anaerobic metabolism during exercise. At the same time, the vV02max increased by decreasing Tim, showing better adaptation to exercise after 60 days of supplementation and physical training. 


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