Brief discussion about character of 21st century olympic movement

Por: Puyun Luo.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Research purpose

lf"sport-education-culture-is the core of 21st century Olympic movement, the,"green、technology、people"will become important character of 21st century Olympic movement that can develop continuously.The thesis will proceed to probe the trait of 21st century sport from three aspects of"green、technology、people".

Research Method

literatury consultation, Logical generalization.

Research result and analysis

1"green olympic"has already become the third connotation of modern olympic movement,bsides olympic movement and olympic culture,and it exhibits new concept of concordant development between man and nature.
2 "high-tech olympic"is the catalyst of pushing modern sports progress.It exhibits this function through improvement of training method.change of sport technology and gymnasium construction and appliance of communication technology.
3 "people’s olympics"emphasizes"center on people",maintaining and making sure of people’s healthy significence and value during the process of live to urge man to punsuit healthy living manner.


1 The core of "green olympics"is to advocate green sports,and combine P.E,with environment of ecology.lts topic is concordance and development.
2 "high-tech olympic"is not also the important factor of accelerating form and development of technological concept of modern olympic movement.
3 "people’s olympic"embodies"basis on people"in modern olympic movement, which advocates people’s solicitude、people’s environment and people’s sportsmanship.


[1]. Robert kaspar,sport environment and Culture[J],Olym,Rev.1998,63-74.



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