Brief introduction to humane olympics of beijing 2008 olympics

Por: Baoli Sun.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Humane Olympics is the core theme of Beijing 2008 Olympics, whether Beijing 2008 Olympics is successful or not, being decided in large extent by on the understanding degree to the "humane Olympics". So the research on the original theory and connotation of "humane Olympics" becomes one of the most important issues of sport science research.


The paper adopts the methods of literature review and comparative analysis.


1、The idea of "humane Olympics" most comes from the ideas of people-oriented ancient Greek Olympics, the "humanism" of the renaissance and "humane Olympic" of modern Olympic Games.
2、The connotation of "humane Olympics" includes three aspects:
(1)Beijing 2008 Olympics is a people-oriented Olympics. Pursuing humanity essence、eulogizing man、Venerating man、molding the harmoniously developed man are also the most important connotation of Beijing 2008 Olympics.
(2) Beijing 2008 Olympics is an Olympics which melt with the culture of both east and west .Olympic games is a dynamic and open cultural system. The two different cultures will melt and collide on the Chinese land during the Beijing 2008 Olympics, which will develop the cultures complementary and interaction .As a result, Olympic will became a real world cultures, different peoples and different nations.
(3) Beijing 2008 Olympics is an Olympics which connects both physical education and cultural education. The Olympic Games which connects both physical education and cultural education will make people have a new review about the purpose of the Olympics and eventually achieve its scored aim, so we will adopt the idea throughout the organization and preparing stage of the Olympics.

Discussion / Conclusions

Olympic Games which come into being on the basis of renewing the nice cultural spirit and activities of the ancient Greek Olympics emphasize the humane value, and also the connection of physical education and culture education at the very beginning. It also sets aim as to cultivate the mankind harmoniously and build a beautiful world .however, the Olympic ideal also meets threat in the process of development .so the Beijing 2008 Olympics will review the development from the humane view. The Olympics, which has the ideals of people-oriented cultures melted and educations connected, will be a new Olympics in the new century and establish the loftier image in the world. As a result, Beijing 2008 Olympics will be a unique heritage both to china and world.


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