Building The Nation:Contributions From The Mainstream Spanish Sports Press In 2006

Por: Jordi Sopena e Xavier Ginesta.

Esporte & Sociedade - v.3 - n.8 - 2008

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Sport Mass media contents have been very important to create a collective identity in some communities. For this reason, this article deals with the creation of collective identities from the reception of sports contents of the Spanish press. Firstly, Bairner (2001) states that sport is clearly linked to the construction and reproduction of national identities. Secondly, Maguire (1999) points out how sport mediated discourses increased, even further, the feeling of economic crisis in the UK in 1993, when some sports failures in football and cricket took place. Maguire adds that sports discourses project a feeling of nostalgia about glory days. Currently, the Spanish victory in the Basketball World Championship could be a good example to analyse how the mass media used this success politically to reinforce the Spanish identity in the country.




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