Changes Of Spontaneous Activity Of Neostriatal Neurons In Rat After Exercise-induced Fatigue

Por: Decai Qiao, Lijuan Hou e Xiaoli Liu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Observe the characteristic and changes of spontaneous activity of neostriatal neurons in rat after forcing swimming
exercise which induced central fatigue. From the aspect of neuron activity discussing the production mechanism of
exercise-induced central fatigue.

Extra cellular records were made in striatum neurons in male SD rats in vivo with microelectrode techniques after two
weeks’ forcing swimming exercise.

The results show that 1) In control group 6% neostriatal neurons spontaneous firing frequency is above 10Hz, while in
exercise-fatigue group 19% neurons spontaneous firing frequency is above 10Hz. There is significant difference
between them(p<0.05). 2) In control group 90% action-potential time is between 1-3ms, while in exercise group
22% above 3ms. 3)In the two groups we recorded regular-firing, irregular-firing, and regular-irregular firing and
recorded regular bursting firing just in the exercise-fatigue group , the duration time between the bursts is 140-210ms.
4) In exercise-fatigue group the high frequency neurons are mainly focused in the abdomen part of the neostriatum.

From the results we concluded that the neostriatal neurons discharge frequency is changed after exercise-induced
fatigue. It has relationship with the glutaminergic nerve from cerebral cortex and dopaminergic nerve from substantia
nigra. And the changes of the firing pattern are maybe influenced by the concentration of intracellular Ca ion The high
frequency neurons are distributed regular.

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