Chinas floating population in the present age and thought on sports in sociological perspective

Por: Hong Zhong, Jing Wang, Shuting Lu e Zheng Wang.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Sport can never develop alone in spite of social development. Any positive effects brought about by social progress can be found in sports. Meanwhile, the social problems arising in the process of social development can also be reflected in sports in many different ways. The challenges on Sports for All brought out by the floating population are just such reflections. The idea of this article initially came from a group of data in the research and further developed into a proposition through generalization----floating population, the immigrants to the rural areas and cities in the Pearl River Delta. In this article the challenges on urban and rural sports brought by the floating population were expounded, the countermeasures and suggestions were put forward.


The research method used in this article is documentation.


1. Floating population would be a new research subject on both urban and rural sports in the future perspective of unification of urban and rural areas.
2. Living pressure and mobility left floating population no time to take part in physical activities.
3. Floating population were not included in the cities’ registered permanent residents, so they were not permitted to take part in community sports activities.


1. The development of urban and rural sports should be considered dynamically.
2. It’s governments’ responsibility to bring floating population into sports development plan.
3. Sports mass organizations should be set up in the floating population.
4.In order to carry out physical activities more conveniently, floating population should be arranged to live in comparatively concentrated way.
5.Sports meeting should be organized in floating population to stimulate their initiative to take part in physical activities.
6.Labor unions should be set up in the foreign enterprises in the mainland to guarantee outside workers’ right to take part in physical activities.
7.For those children who couldn’t go to school temporarily because of no registered permanent residence, their right to take part in some physical activities should be guaranteed.


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