Developing The Long Distance Education In Physical Major China

Por: Hong Tan.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The long distance education has become an important approaches to the advanced education in countries in late 20th century. In China, although already started, it has not begun in physical major. It is shown that it is good time to build up long distance physical college with latest information technology development.


Review: Looking the related literature in the China and developed country. Investigation: Designing the questionnaires and examining the reliability and Availability in 433 taken back from 500 copies of questionnaire in six provinces of China to investigate the long distance education in physical major. Consultation: Consulting the correlated questions with the experienced professors and government officials.


It is shown that no college of physical education has developed long distance education at present. 87% of the visited has shown great interest to join long distance education especially in health consultation without degree certification, physical prescription or exercises direction. A lot of experts considered that long distance education will partly solve the problems of the amateurs undertaking the professional direction and of the profession college short of accomodation,, equipments and professional trainers. In order to face the Olympic Games in China 2008, a large number of physical professionals will be needed, long distance education in physical major may sped up the training

Discussion/ Conclusions

Modern long distance education has advantages: no limitation of time, zone and space, adapting to individual’s need, going ahead with latest high technology developments, more economic than traditional education

It is good time to develop long distance education in physical education, and the Chinese market is very big. The degree certification and no degree certification should be included, both of which are very important.



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