Different Teaching Approaches Of a Value-based Olympic Education Program On The Moral Development Of Hong Kong Children

Por: Ada Chi Wing Wong, Amy Sau Ching Ha e Crystal Ka Yee Cheung.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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In June of 2000, the Foundation of Olympic and Sports Education had launched the FOSE International Education
Resource book, Be a Champion in Life [1], at the foot of Mount Olympus in Athens with the aims to call on educators
to help create a world with healthier, happier children. Consequently, the purpose of this study was to examine the
effects of an eight-week Values-based Olympic Education Program on primary students of selected schools in Hong

Three classes of pupils of each school were randomly assigned to control, classroom or gymnasium group. For control
group (N=192), normal physical education curriculum contents were conducted. For classroom (N=218)and
gymnasium (N=206) groups, a values-based Olympic themes including (i) Mind, Body and Spirit; (ii) Fair Play; (iii)
Multiculturalism; (iv) In Pursuit of Excellence; and (v) The Olympic Present and Past were implemented. For
classroom group, teachers were asked to conduct a 10-15 minutes’ session of Olympic knowledge to students prior to
each PE lesson while teacher of the gymnasium group taught the same contents through physical activities and sports.
Pro-social measures (HPPBI) were collected from students and teachers [2] before and after an intervention program.

No significant Group (control/classroom/gymnasium) x Test (pre/post) interaction was found for all three dependent
variables, including moral judgment, reason, and intention self-rated by students. Significant differences were found on
pro-social behavior rated by teachers for classroom group (p<.01) and gymnasium group (p<.01). No significant
change was found in control group between pre- and post- tests.

In conclusion, students showed improvement in moral behavior judged by their teachers after participating into an
eight-week Value-based Olympic Education Program regardless of teaching strategies [3]. Further studies are
recommended to investigate the discrepancy between students’ moral concepts and actual observed behaviors.

[1]. Binder, D. (2000). Be a Champion in Life. Athens: foundation of Olympic and Sport Education.
[2]. Horrocks, R.N. (1979). Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Univ. of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC.
[3]. Gibbons,S., & Ebbeck, V. (1997). Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 17, 85-98.

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