Digital Contents Development Of The Flag Football In Tactical Learning Of Elementary School

Por: Takeshi Yoshinaga, Tsuyoshi Matsumoto, Yoko Onisawa e Yoshinori Okade.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The database and a network of sports information are advanced today. It has not resulted in contents development which a teacher and a student can utilize easily in the physical education class. In order to overthrow this situation and to support a high quality lesson, software and system development are asked. Especially, in software development, the collection method of image data and examination of contents are important. In this research, we developed digital contents utilizable in physical education class.

34 elementary schools were selected as the research designated schools in Japan, and lesson practice of flag football was performed. The game in session was recorded with the digital camera. Based on lesson practice, construction of the website aiming at lesson support was tried.  1)Lesson plan : ①grade, ②unit plan ,③tactical play card 2)Record of lesson progress and subsequent results of investigations: ①practice reports, ②comments of the students and the teachers after a lesson end, ③Diagnostic overall evaluations, ④Formation-lesson evaluations , ⑤the lesson cards.

The contents of lesson practice were divided according to the grade, and the website was built. According to the plays which the students actually performed, they were linking the tactical figures and real image of plays. The website address is .

Discussion / Conclusions
The affirmative comments are received although it is a trial production stage now. It is important to examine what the conditions of the contents which are easier to understand are for the few teacher and student of lesson experience about flag football. A website needs to update the newest information. The system which a teacher is the user of a website and is the maker of contents is required. It is expected that the collection, the preservation, the processing, and the transfer system of lesson information between teachers serve as an aid of development and systematization of lesson teaching materials.

[1]. Matsumoto T. et al. (2001). Proceedings of Inte’l Confer. for 20th J.S.S.E 307-310.
(This research was based on the scientific agreement of University of Tsukuba and National Football League.)

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