Effect If Chinese Herbal Prescription For Removing Exercise-induced Fatigue In Rats

Por: Chen Wang, Xiaozhou Cui e Yao Kang Zhu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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To study the effect of invigorating qi and strengthen Yang of compound prescription (IQSY) on removing
Exercise-induced Fatigue to prolong heavy load swimming .

34 male SD rats were divided into three groups, the rest (10), exercise (12) and take IQSY drug exercise
group(12) .The concentration of blood lactate and the running time was measured at the third weekend . Above
data was measured too at the sixth weekend. At the same time , the characteristics of histological changes in
Rat’s cardiac, kidney, liver and skeleton muscles were studied by using OLYMPUS photography microscope .

Running time of IQSY drug exercise group was much longer than that of exercise groups (p<0.001) at the third
weekend .The concentration of blood lactate of IQSY was significantly lower than that of exercise groups
(p<0.05). IQSY drug has no significantly effects on running time and the concentration of blood lactate at the
sixth weekend , but it can decrease the percent of myocarditis .

1.IQSY drug has the effect of removing Exercise-induced Fatigue and enhancing rat’s Physical performance ;
2.IQSY drug has the effect of protecting rat’s cardiac, skeleton muscles. It especially has the effect of Antimyocarditis
; 3.IQSY’s effects is limited for enhancing overtraining rat’s physical performance.

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