Effects of inhalation of high oxygen concentration on free redicals metabolism and oxidative, antioxidative capability of erythrocyte after intensive exercise

Por: Guo Qiang Xiao, Huanchun Li, Jia Huang, Shi-xiong Su, Wan-mei Xie e Zuo Yun Qiu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The purpose of our study was to investigate the effects of inhalation of high oxygen concentration on free radicals metabolism and oxidative capacity of erythrocyte after intensity exercise.


The subjects were 20 physically fit and health male students, separated into two groups with 10 subjects each group. All subjects were informed of all risks and stresses during incremental exercise under two environments with inhaling O2 (group with breathing 7t0%O2 for 10 subjects) and without inhaling O2 (group with breathing normal air for 10 subjects) after exercise, and gave written consent to participate in the investigation. All subjects performed one incremental cycle ergometer test. The tests were performed approximately at the same time of the day,.


1) MDA in RBC and serum, SOD and GSH in serum were significantly higher in groups with and without inhaling 70%O2 immediately after exercise than at rest. 2) MDA in RBC and serum were significantly higher in group without inhaling O2 than that in group with inhaling 70%O2 30 min after exercise. 3) SOD in RBC and GSH in blood and serum were significantly higher in group with inhaling 70%O2 than that in group without inhaling O2 30min after exercise


The results suggested that the effects of inhaling 70%O2 could prevent fatigue from antagonizing free radicals damage, hastening removal of free radicals, which would facilitate the recovery from fatigue.


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