Effects of network on the workings of sports information in china

Por: Li Min e Zhong Lian.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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With the constant development of IT, the transmission mode of sports information resources is changed into that of digitalization or network and the fast development of Internet has made a higher requirement for the workings of sports information. By analyzing the effects of network on the workings of sports information in China, the professionals of sports information should change their thoughts and working mode quickly to meet the developmental trend of sports information on the web.
With the methods of documentation, online information and the overview of the subject, it has made a detailed analysis of the effects of network on the workings of sports information in China.
The network of the vast information resources has brought a new opportunity and challenge for the traditional means of sports information in China. The network has abandoned the traditional manual workings of sports information and formed a new working mode in China nowadays, such as data processing, retrieval on the web, face-to-face communication via Internet, remote administration and consultation on the web, etc. The advantages of sports information service on the web lies in that (1) the network of information resources can break through the limits of collections on a library to present the feature of prompt service. (2) The network can avoid the regional limits to meet the requirement of remote users. (3) The information suppliers can obtain the demand and feedback information of users in real time. Those fast and highly efficient sports information service can meet the more needs of users.
Discussion / Conclusions
The digitalization and network has brought a brand-new working mode for sports information institutions in China. Only the complete change of the traditional working mode into the new one can the institutions and professionals of sports information in China meet the developmental trend of IT for their proper position, developmental space and new development. Under the macro environment of global resource sharing, the institution of sports information service in China should offer its distinctive service, the content deep-processing service and web service to attract users and meet
the needs of the specific and potential demand of users.
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