Efficacy Of a Point Of Prompts Intervention On a Group Of People And On a Person Alone

Por: Bethania Brotto, , Fernanda Cruciani, e .

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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One of the emphasis in health promotion área hás been the combact to sedentarism. Among the strategies to incentivate physical activity, the use of fix poster became a quite promising (citar trabalhos mostrados pelo Mike; e o anterior de vocês,2) tool to incentivate active living.

The aim of this study was to examine the efficacy of a point of prompts in increasing stair climbing on a group of people and on a person alone.

Two types of posters wer used with the main message, as follows: 1- "Keep Agitating without spending eletric energy", or 2- " The only energy you spend when taking elevator is the eletric one. Take stairs. Your health will thank you". Sample consisted of individuals of both sexes who used to go to the São Paulo State Health Secretariat Building and who took its stairs and the elevators. Total sample included 5.138 observations, being divided in four phases: a- first: no fix poster; b- second phase: intervention, fixing the posters; c- third phase: right after the posters withdrawl; and d- four phase: 2 weeks after posters removal. In the first phase, 1516 observatoins were done in four days. In the second phase, it was fixed the posters in front of the stairs and of the elevators; and 1109 were done in three days. In the third phase, 1288 observations were done, and during the fourth phase 1225 observatoins were done in three days. A Chi-Square test and a t-test for 2 proportions were used for statistical analysis; and a p < .05 was adopted as significant.


The higher values presented in second, third and 4th phases, permit to conclude that point of prompts strategy seems to have a stronger impact on a group of people than on a person alone.

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[2]. Araujo T, Brotto, B et al. 2002 Med Sci Sports Exercise 34(5):265.

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