Congresso Pré-Olimpico de Atenas (2004)

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Developing The Long Distance Education In Physical Major China Hong Tan
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Differences Between Mens And Womens Performance In Swimming Michael Sambanis, Nick Kofotolis, Panagiotis Sambanis
Differences Between Representatives Of Three Kinds Of Weapon In Fencing From Somatic And Phisiological Point Of View Zbigniew Borysiuk, Karina Slonka, Piotr Paluch
Differences in cognitive abilities between kindergarten students with and without dcd Katerina Asonitou, Dimitra Koutsouki, Emmanouil Skordilis
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Different Rate And Magnitude Of Cooling During Ice Bag Treatment With And Without Damp Towel Wrap P. Janwantanakul
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Digital Contents Development Of The Flag Football In Tactical Learning Of Elementary School Tsuyoshi Matsumoto, Yoshinori Okade, Takeshi Yoshinaga, Yoko Onisawa
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Discussion on important biology mechanics factor of snatch technology Guimin Zhang, Ping Liu
Distance education: a glance in the past-present-future P. Antoniou, A. Lekkos
Distributional characteristics of relative age in china football players Zhijiang Huang, Xiang Ke
Do we need a special type of ethics in elite sport? Gunnar Breivik
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Does muscle fatigue influence swimming performance? Rodrigo Maciel Andrade, Aylton Fiqueira, Ascanio Lauro Flavio
Does resistance training improve falls self-efficacy in older adults? D.R. Taaffe, D.A. Galvao
Does the new proposed judging system of the international skating union improve fairness in judging? Danny Rosenberg, Kelly Lockwood
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Education for holistic coaching: pbl can, it seems, contribute to integrated, cross-discipline learning Robyn Jones, Poppy Turner
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Effects of swimming exercise on maximal aerobic capacity and serum lipid and lipoprotein profile of postmenopausal women Xiaoyun Shi
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Effects of traditional chinese medicine in the different acting styles on hypothamulus gnrhmrna and pituitary lhmrna, lhmrna gene express Bo Chang
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Ethical standards and professional dilemmas in sport science Colin Higgs
Ethics and Professionalization; Professionalization from a Global Perspective Victor Matsudo
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Evaluation system for community sport programmes Vladimir Borkovic
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gender differences on cognitive, motivational and affective responses within tanzanian physical education context. an achievement goal approach Cyprian Maro, Glyn Roberts
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Gh, Igf-i And Ifgbp-3 Responses To Maximal Rowing Exercise In Male Rowers Ningwei Ding, Wenkai Jiang, Qiang Tang, Xiuxia Dai, Shiming Ji
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Higher physical education industry and higher physical education system reform Zhongkai HE
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How Adult Non-swimmers Learn To Swim: An Action Research Tommi Pantzar
How do i look? the olympic spectatorship dilemma David Rowe
How does heat harm the athlete and what to do about it? Ron Maughan
How Does The Concept Of Physical Literacy Affect What Is And Might Be The Practice Of Physical Education? Dominic Haydn-Davies
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Human passion for mere games: is it ethically defensible? Scott Kretchmar
Human selective brain cooling during exercise in hot environment Masami Hirashita, Yoko Kajiwara, Saburo Yokokura
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Hyponatremia: a real threat or the worst-case scenario? Stavros Kavouras
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Identity of siaspora through sport spectatorship: a visiting teams booster club in japanese professional baseball Hidesato Takahashi
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Importance of recreation activities on sports applications Fikret Ramazanoglu
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Inclusion in sports in europe Claire Boursier, Nina Kahrs
Inclusion of people with disabilities through adapted physical activity in europe-what has been done!/what is left to do? Nina Kahrs
Individual Variants of Emotional Stability of Athletes Albert Rodionov
Influence of anxiety state on the performance stability of top-level rhythmic gymnasts Lianxiang Fan, Celi Cao, Haiyan Tang
Influence Of Caste And Ethnic Groups On Nepalese Sports Diwakar Lal Amatya
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Influence of preflight on the horse impact phase of a simulated yurchenko layout vault Michael Koh, Les Jennings, Bruce Elliott
Influence Of Resistance Exercise Intensity On Post-exercise Hypotension, Hemodynamics And Sympathetic Activation Claudio Rezk, Regina Marrache, Tais Tinucci, Decio Mion, Claudia Forjaz
Influence Of Resistance Training Rest Interval On Aerobic Fitness, Stength And Repeated-sprint Ability David Bishop, S. Hill-Hass, J. Edge, B. Dawson, C. Goodman
Influence of the frequency of food ingestion and daily physical activity characteristics on morphologic and maturational variability of young gymnastics and soccer athletes Isabel Fragoso, Nuno Oliveira, Filomena Vieira, Astrogildo Oliveira, Carlos Barrigas, Carlos Capela, Rui Veloso
Influence Of Urbanisation In Students Attitudes Regarding The Role Of Education In Developingg The Concept Of Volunteerism Pantelis Konstantinakos, Athanasios Tsumas, Apostolos Theodorou
Influences of acupoint iontophoresis on myocardial pks expression after endurance training Yi Yang, Zhanggua Li, Pengfei Yang, Fengmei Wang, Xiaofeng Feng
Information Analysis And The Decision Support System Of National Fitness Based On Internet Gui-hua Shao, Qing-zhu Sun, Min-hang Liu
Injury profile of south africa netball players Sharon Beckmann, Rosa Du Randt, Danie Venter
Innovating Approaches in Promoting Physical Activity: The Agita São Paulo Experience Victor Matsudo
Innovation of square sports arts and insights on designing the opening ceremony of the olympic games 2008 Huang Kuanrou
Instructional practice of hong kong primary physical education student teachers Alberto Cruz, Chung LI
Interaction of extrinsic with intrinsic motivation and the relationship with sport enjoyment Symeon Vlachopoulos, Costas Karageorghis
Interconnection of physical condition and intellect of sport academy students Uldis Gravitis
international educational experience: reflections on the person in the process Brenda Clayton, Virginia Hicks, Jozsef Bognar
Interpersonal Partnership And Tendancy Of Chinese Sports Population Jun Qiu, Wei Zhong
Interrelationships Between Ventilatory And Circulatory Responses At The Onset Of Dynamic Exercise Koji Ishida, Keisho Katayama, Kohei Sato, Hiroshi Matsuo, Miharu Miyamura
Intra-articular injection of hyalurans, efficacy for the treatment of knee articular cartilage lesions M. Iosifidis, L. Malioufas, J. Giannoulis, P. Sarigiannidis, S. Traios, G. Giantsis
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Investigation of head, brain and cervical injuries through mri, after knock out in tae kwon do athletes Konsatntinos Beis, George Abatzides
Investigation of high school students physical activity stages, decisional balance and perceived barriers in taiwan Min-hua Chung
Investigation on the mechanism of exercise-induced anemia oxidation stress injury Bo Chang
Investigations, projects, and recommendations for improvement of inclusion in physical education in europe Maria Dinold, Hana Valkova
Investors opinions about sport marketing in libya Almuez Shaftar
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Research Of The Height-limited And Volleyball Jincang Yang, Chunlei Meng
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Research On Changes Of Speed Frequency And Stroke Of Each 10m In 50m Freestyle Swimming Yu Zhong, Xun-lei LIU
Research on college high-level sports team management Xiao-song Zeng
Research on current situation and strategical of the sustainable development of track and field in china Lu Yilin, Tian Feng
Research On Factors Affecting Teenagers In Sports Activities Lei Yao, Qiao Gong Ye Xiang
Research on personel exchange scheme between elite and reserve personel in china Luo Pulin, Gao Linqi
Research on personnel training for sport tourism in southwest china Huo Hong, Pu Hong Chun
Research On The Age Characteristics Of The Olympic Champions In Men Weightlifting Shiyong Yang
Research On The Capsules Of Libido-bavachin To Improve Th Esports Sbc, Cps Abilities And Mte In Stt For Female Swimmers Jiandi Lin, Chen Nansheng
Research On The Cognition Way Mutual Function Between Teachers And Students In Pe Teaching Yanhong MA
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Research on the needs of excellent athletes having mental health education and training YueYing Tang, Yi Long, Huiran Luo, Cong Ye
Research on the notions and teaching patterns of physical education in chinas universities in the new era Baohua Zhang, Weuying Wu
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Research on the wlan application in large sports games Tan Hong
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Return to Play: Late State Rehabilitation Z. Hudson, Stephen Mutch
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Risk management in school sport Paul Singh, Marie Young
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Social- And Excitement Motives Of Spectators Attendingh Entertainment Sport Events` Ingar Mehus
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The Role of the Sports Physiotherapist in the Enhancement of Sports Performance Through Lumbo-pelvic Stabilization Retraining Program Carla Silva
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the scientific and methodological bases of the physical education system of preschool children Ramesh Indoliya, Krishna Katara
the secondary school evaluation system- what students and teachers think F. Araujo, J. Diniz
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The Use Of General Marketing Theories And Techniques For The Promotion Of Water Polo In Greece: a Case Study Yanni Afthinos, Dimitris Gargalianos
The Use Of Ict Inpete In Flanders: An Explorative Study Kristine De Martelaer, Wouter Cools, Sylvie Leblicq
The Utilization Of Continuous Glucose Monitoring During The Vienna City Marathon Edmund Cauza, Barbara Strasser, Paul Haber
The varieties of cheating - ethical analysis Sigmund Loland
The volunteer: a new reality present at sports and physical activities events Leonardo Martins, Kelly Ladeira, Thais Bitencourt
Theoretical approach on lifelong sport system Ryozo Kanezaki
Theory and practice of mobilizing school communities ti promote healthy, active lifestyles: the canadian experience Deanna Binder
Three Dimensional Kinematic Analysis Of Disabled Discus Throwing Tulio Banja, Tetsuo Tashiro
Three-dimensional Reconstruction Of Acl Injuries Tron Krosshaug, Roald Bahr
To Experience And Transmit Of Art Touching From Sport Fang-Jing Huang
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Treatment of traumatic meniscal tears in youngt patients with arthroscopic partial meniscectomy. short-term results Georgios Karatzas, P. Kapralos, J. Mellios, A. Dousias, A. Fasoulas
TV broadcasting influence for wrestling Tibor Barna
Uncommonwealth games: the reconstruction of national identities in the shadows of the eu and american giant Ivan Emese, Kevin Wamsley
Understanding The Code: Investigating Administrators And Coaches Perception Of a Coach Educationn Programme Tania Cassidy, Paul Potrac, Alex McKenzie
Use serum creatine kinase to determine the bearing ability of weight lifters to training load Yuheng Gui
Uses of drawings to explore and transform future physical education teachers previous ideas Lucio Martinez Alvarez, Niocolas Bores Calle, Benjamin Diaz Crespo, Alfonso Garcia Monge
Using physical education and sport as a tool in international development for persons with a disability Mary Bluechardt, Colin Higgs
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Validation of the isoactif program for promoting physical activity in schools Claude Savard, Gilles Lepine
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vital interests/painful areas of society and knowledge basis of olympic education Vladimir Rodichenko
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Where next and how do i get there? little and often, thats the secret! the place of the professional development record for teachers in physical education and school sport. Peter Marshallsay
Which Are The Best Measures To Evaluate Rehabilitation Results In Chronic Epicondylitis? Tuolo Peinimaki, Tuula Tarvainen, Pertti Siira, Heikki Vanharanta
Whitenss, sport, and united states foreign policy Gerald Gems
Who Governs Norwegian Sport? Berit Skirstad
Wingate Anaerobic Test Versus Other Anaerobic Field Tests Among High Level Hurdlers Iskra Janusz
Women and sports D. Aleksic
Women at the wicket: elite female cricketers experiences of entering a male preserve Philippa Cook, Dominic Malcolm
Women sport of modern china Yuli Wang
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Young people, sport, and health literacy Pasi Koski


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