Esporte & Sociedade - v.4 - n.12 - 2009

Esporte & Sociedade. 2009. Número 12. Volume 4.

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Competing Women: Media Representations Of Femininity And National Identification At The Olympic Games In Athens 2004 Louise MANSFIELD, Helen CURTIS
The Olympics as Media Space: The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games From The Interdisciplinary Perspective Of Media And Design Studies Jilly TRAGANOU, Jaeho KANG
Caught In The Spotlight: Me Dia Themes In The Build- Up To The Beijing Olympic Games Garry Whannel 1
Some Thoughts On The General Economies Of Cities/states/provinces After Hosting The Olympic Games Robert K. BARNEY 1
Symbology Of Success Aboriginal Games And The Insignia Of Olympic Validation Michael K. HEINE 1
Technologies Of Power, Governmentality And Olympic Discourses: a Foucauldian Analysis For Understanding The Discursive Constructions Of The Olympic Ideology Dikaia CHATZIEFSTATHIOU, Ian HENRY 1
The Aesthetic Olympic Visions of Baron Pierre de Coubertin Jeffrey O. SEGRAVE, Dikaia CHATZIEFSTATHIOU 1
The Content And Found Ations Of Olympic Studies: Subject Profile Analysis Of a Decade Of Olympika Peter WARNING, Kristine TOOHEY, Dwight ZAKUS 1
Wada as Sporting Empire: Prospects And Shadows Sean Smith 1
Western-centrism In Olympic Studies And Its Consequences In The 2008 Beijing Olympics Susan BROWNELL 1
Whats At Stake? Considering The Immaterial Costs Of Reversing Current Olympic Doping Control Policy Ken KIRKWOOD 1



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