Exercise effect on sex hormone and bone density of menopausal female

Por: Hu Junmei.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The menopausal females are easy to get the bone loosen because of their lower bone density caused by decreased sex hormone. The purpose of this study is to discuss the effect of exercise on female sex hormone and bone density.


Forty before-menopausal females (average 41.42±3.26yr) were divided equally into exercise group (EGb) and control group (CGb). EG had the regular exercise habit as doing mid-intensity aerobic dance or ballet at least 60 to 90 minutes per time and 3 times a week. CG had no exercise habit. Another forty after-menopausal females (average 50.21±4.64 yr) were separated by the same way as EGa and CGa. The estrogen (E2) and progesterone (P) were tested as hormone index. And the bone quality index (BQI) was measured (SONOST-2000, Korea) at anklebone representing the bone density.


The results showed that there was the significant change (P<0.05) of E2 and P between each group before and after menopause (E2: EG 122.68±34.50 vs 15.52±12.21pg/ml, CG 91.52±34.00 vs 12.63±14.20pg/ml; P: EG 1.12±0.21vs 0.15±0.26ng/ml, CG 1.03±0.32vs 0.12±0.15ng/ml). And the BQI represented the same noticeable change (EG109±30 vs100± 35, CG 100±20 vs 85±30). In addition, the reduced BQI in EG was much lower than that in CG.


We conclude that the sex hormones and bone density have the significant decreases after menopause no matter the females have the exercise habit or not. However, the exercised females show higher bone quality than those untrained females during post-menopausal period, suggesting that the regular exercise is very beneficial for keeping the bone density and preventing osteoporosis to menopausal females.


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