Exploring interaction mechanism between sport in community and sport in school: case study in chengdu city

Por: Song Xiaodong.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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As one part of community work, community sport faces many difficulties, such as lack of sport fields and facilities, lack of fitness instructors. There are many sport resources in every kind of schools. PE teachers, sport fields and facilities are good sport resources for both community sport and physical education in schools. However, due to a lot of reasons, these quality sport resources are not well utilized. Therefore, exploring the interaction mechanism between sport in community and school so as to promote development of sport for all in China is meaningful and urgent.


1.Document Analysis;2.Queationaire method;3. Case study


1.Necessity and Meaning of the interaction between Sport in community and sport in school
The concept of interaction between sport in community and sport in school is utilizing benefit and characteristics of theirs to supply and penetrate each other, to develop together, so as to promote sport for all in China. The necessity firstly is, schools supply sport fields and facilities and fitness instructors of which community sports are lack; secondly is, community sports can serve students. The meaning is avoiding waste use of sport resources in schools and promoting sport in communities.
2.Interaction Mechanism and condition between Sport in community and sport in school
The development need of sport in community and sport in school is the inner need. To break the borderline between education and community, and then to unite and share the sport resources of community and school maybe the only way to interaction. So it is necessary to establish new city community sport with new administrative system, running system, and carrying out method.
3. Factors related to interaction process
Factors influencing effect of interaction include inner factors, which are the benefit body of schools, the benefit body of community and the power body of administrative of community and schools, and outer factors, which are public policy, laws and regulations, public opinion.


It is meaningful, necessary and possible to interact between sport in community and sport in schools. However, current status in Chengdu is not very good. In order to promote both sport in community and sport in school, there are a lot of works to do.


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