Feedback of teachers on the conduct of physical education workshop of the central board of secondary educations schools in india and arabian gulf

Por: Mithlesh Sisodia e Tapan Das.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the biggest body of education in India. It has 6500 Schools affiliated, of which 54 schools are in the Arabian Gulf region. Physical Education as a subject was introduced by the board in the year 1972. It is compulsory at secondary stage (9th & 10th). Nearly 1100 schools have offered physical education as an elective subject at + 2 level (11th & 12th).
A great need was felt to familiarize with the content of the syllabus to the teachers. CBSE organized a serious of workshop to acquaint with the new development in the syllabi to those teachers working in the schools which offers physical education as an elective subject in senior secondary classes (11th & 12th grades). These was held at six places in India and one in Arabian Gulf.
Data collected expresses the following views:
a) Presentation of the resources persons were very informative and useful.
b) Environment provided was comfortable and conducive for teaching learning process.
c) Coverage of the topics was adequate and comprehensive to the teachers.
d) The queries were answered adequately and satisfactorily by the resource persons.
e) The duration of the workshop for the teachers should be increased from 3 days to 5-6 days.
f) The teachers strongly recommended that the workshop should be conducted once in a year on the regular basis



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