From health caring to scientific body building-report of network functioning and its extension

Por: Guan’an Hao, Jie Li, Pin Wan, Yinan Li e Zhonghui He.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Caring and investing health has become the fashion which Chinese young people pursue at 21st century .Specially when "all-round exercise plan" and "the standard of the students’ health" which issued in September of 2000 by ministry of education actualized , it made the students of university exercise guidable under the regulation. The fitness website "Life Bank" realizes the network management of physical fitness tests. It has solved the series of problems of data management, and most of all, provided an efficient platform encouraging the students to care for their own health, obtain knowledge of health, and consciously and scientifically do body building[2]. This paper illuminates the effects of network in integrating and using university education resources and in remote education.


Logic Analysis and induction.


The basic structure of "Life Bank" website including Physical fitness tests section, health knowledge section, health prescription section, and theoretical research, etc. Physical fitness tests section provides booking service, result analysis assistance and relevant body building guidance services for the visitors. Health knowledge section provides information on men body building, women body shaping, nutrition, common tips of health, appropriate sports for special people, and etc. Health prescription section collects the body building plans of students, by providing feedbacks through BBS, sets up the sports prescription data base for modern university student. Theoretical research section serves as the platform of academic discussion for teachers that are dedicated to research of physical health. The function extension of "Life Bank" includes that recording of individual growth and development, analysis of the climax period of adolescence, certificates of individual physical health condition, which can be taken as one of the qualification requirements after graduation , and life-long health advisory.


"Life Bank" has successfully played the role of organizer and coordinator in university student physical fitness tests. As the information feedback tool, It can provides broader advisory space for visitors and provides platform for both empirical research and theoretical discussion. At same time It will record the growth process and researching of sensitive period of physical development are of great significance and value.


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[2]. "Guidance Manual of Beijing University Students’ ,Physical fitness" Physical Education Department. 2003.9.

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