Genetic Profiles Of Aerobic Resistance And Somotype In Male Athletes Of High Performance Of Adults Futsal Team In Brazil

Por: Filho Fernandes, P. M. Dantas, P. R. Fernandes e V. L. Bruch.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The study in focus is centered in the identification of the genetic profiles, aerobic resistance and somatotical type, that
characterize male athletes, of high performance, participants of the adult Futsal Team in Brazil.

To present research it has the descriptive stamp with profile typology. N=66 _ high performance athletes in adult Futsal
team in Brazil. Dermathoglyphics (1); Multiage Fitness Test (2); and Somathotype (3). The descriptive statistics, structuring
in medium values and theirs derived. The dispersion analyses, combined to the curtose test.

To observe to the literature corresponds the pattern, for the sports of games and resistance of speed, as it describes (4).

The possibility of aggregation of the Dermathoglyphics to be demonstrated, as one more protocol of evaluations,
especially, for the Futsal. The one that, in last analysis, it would confirm the Dermathoglyphics, also inserted, in Ergo
metric motriticity.

[1]. Cummins H.& Midlo Ch.(1942). Palmar and plantar Dermathoglyphics in primates.- Philadelphia.
[2]. National Coaching Foundation.(1998). Multistage Fitness Test.
[3]. ISǺK.(2001) Australia: National Library of Austrália.
[4]. Abramovat. F. et al.(1995). Scientific Articles - Volvograd.

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