Globalization of sport culture and consciousness of sport culture in china

Por: Xing-hua Deng.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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Sport globalization is an important part of culture globalization, which is an inevitable trend in the world. In the course, westernization is the key characteristic of sport globalization in nowadays, which brings on the western sport to hegemony and counteracts the development in the national country. Therefore, the other countries must oppose to the westernization, keep the independence of national sport and join in the sport globalization.
By the research methods of references review, logic demonstration, social survey and so on, some basic theoretical topics on the globalization of sport culture and consciousness of sport culture in China.


There is a different development course in the Chinese traditional Sport. From modern times, Chinese Traditional Sport has been introjected in the modern Sport which is represented by Western Sport. In the course of Chinese Sport being introjected in Western sport and the latter swarming into China, there are a lot of patterns of the Chinese traditional Sport in different periods. As a result, Chinese traditional Sport must be introjected in international Sport.
In the course of the sport globalization, as for the need of modern sport history, clear relationship between social development and sport communication and between mass Medias and sport, and the conditions of sport communication, it is important to research on modern sport communication. Sport communication has been talked in rich researches since 1980s. Historical researches on sport culture, especially on the impact of western sport on Chinese sport, unavoidably talked about sport communication.
To china, sport globalization includes western sport to china and Chinese traditional national sport to the other
countries. Continuous researching on Olympics to China has been done in China since 1900s. As Chinese sport to other countries, it is concentrated in how WUSHU being an Olympic sport. More scholars have put forward suggestions. Factually, it is different between real and ideal. Another question, the collision and integration between Western and Chinese sport, has been expounded.

Discussion / Conclusions

There is the regional character of Chinese nation tradition sport in the course of development, which is the reflection of the national culture and will be chosen naturally in the advancement. The nation tradition sports are from obturation to opening gradually when it tried to open to the world from the nature to the standardization. But, in the course of opening, we must preserve its basic cultural centre and keep in the opening mind; persist in the academic and practical study of Chinese traditional sport, then it will open to the World in the future.


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