High-performance Judo: Organizational Factors Influencing The International Sporting Success

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The international high-performance sport shows two major trends in the past years. Firstly, an increasing number of countries that are seeking success in major world sporting events; secondly, an increasing number of countries that developed the ability to win medals in the international context. Despite this increase in competitiveness, in the international high-performance sport context there are usually only few winners and many losers; however, some nations are on the path to international sporting success and others are not. In this context, researchers and managers have a great interest in analysing the existing sports policies in different countries in the search of explanations for the international sporting success achieved by some countries and not by others. Recently, the studies have further advanced the field of sport policies by studying certain aspects of the high-performance sport policies and key success factors of specific sports. Like the competitive advantage of nations in economic context, no nation can be competitive in everything, therefore nations may specialise in one or few sports.

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