Higher physical education industry and higher physical education system reform

Por: Zhongkai He.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The industry of higher physical education is a special industry.It’s a basic social resources to exploit the physical education intelligence.Under the condition of continued improvement of the continued development of the social economical needs,what’smore, it has been a continued exploited special resources.To grasp all opportunities and condition of our country’s higher physical education industry development, to improve the step of the joint of our country and international higher physical education industry is the choice of continued development of our country’s higher physical education industry in 21 century.On the base of the investigation, to research and proof our higher physical education industry and some questions of physical education reform in more levels and all positions.It has important significance to the improvement of our higher physical education.
1. Physical education industrial property and physical education industrialization.
The widespread attention of the physical education industrial property in the discussion of physical education thought by the area of physical education theory and physical education economics. The reconsider of physical education industrial property becomes one of important contents of renew physical education concept. It is very important to recognize the relation of physical education and economy, physical education and socialist modern construction, especially to the reform of higher physical education adopt socialist market economical system.
2.Higher physical education industry and internal administer system reform
Higher physical education system reform is to change the administer system that government’s too much administer to higher physical education college, to enlarge the independently power of higher physical education college. That is to say to change the situation of previously government taking care of everything concerning physical education.Under government macroscopic control, to give free right to higher physical education college in political, economy and culture etc., to make higher physical education college run physical education according to the rules of market economy, to adjust physical market level. Higher physical education college internal administer system reform is the important part of physical education system reform, according to the thought of physical education industry, we should correctly handle some relations as follows.
2.1 Correctly handle the relation of higher physical education industry and the subsidiary industry by physical education.
2.2 Correctly handle the relation of higher physical education teaching department and necessary administration.
3. Energetically developing physical education industry is the certain requirement of market economy to modern higher physical education.
Physical education is deal with as public consume undertaking under planned economy system, which attaches much importance to the political attribute of physical education, but neglect the industry attribute of physical education. The government unified supervises and distributes physical education resources. The government take care of everything concerning from investment to "produce and exchange" of "physical education product". Higher physical education college needn’t invest labour force market, needn’t care the distribution of physical education resources, needn’t think the account ting of physical education cost, needn’t take an interest in "if the product sell well", and "the quality of product". This force and unified "administrative system" limited the compete among physical education colleges and physical education resources distributed well, not only limited the development of the self of physical education colleges, but also don’t satisfy the varied needs of society and economy development. From reform and opening, the government’s function has changed very large, social resources mainly distributed by market, the teaching circumstance of physical education is marketing step by step, along with economy system transformed, then physical education industrial property emerged. Facing the coming of global knowledge economy age and carrying out the strategy of our country’s "science and education develop country". Physical education is improving in the social politics and economy, and combining closely with economy, science and technology, social resources, becomes an important power to promote the science and technology improvement and economy, society development. Energetically develop physical education industry, and draw into market system, realize physical education resources market distribution, it’s very important for education to face mortem face world, face future.

Key words: higher physical education; industrial property; system reform






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