Importance of recreation activities on sports applications

Por: Fikret Ramazanoglu.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The aim of this study is to evaluate the specific property of the recreation activity with taking sports application into account.


This study was made by using analytical methods. Recreation and recreation sports literatures were searched and the datas were related with the topic.


Recreation can be defined as the activities that people join in their free times to have personal satisfaction. The activities in recreation are grouped by their properties and the areas in which they are applied. In recreation activities, sports have a big importance by means of its attractive property and variety. Also, people are able to join the recreation activities as applier and viewer.

Discussion / Conclusion

As a result; sports has the biggest importance by its variety and attractiveness properties in the recreation activity. Sports and recreation activities attract each other. Sports provide an important movement area for people to join the recreation activities, while recreation enables the sports to become more widespread in society and helps it to have sports success. In other words sports all sports have a recreation property.




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