Innovation of square sports arts and insights on designing the opening ceremony of the olympic games 2008

Por: Huang Kuanrou.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The group calisthenics, the traditional form of opening ceremonies in international or national sports games, is called the square sports art as one of the valuably cultural treasures to the human beings. It can reflect the political and economic powers, also the development of culture, sports and art in the host country. In addition, it plays an important role in the success of sports games. Currently, researches on the square sports arts are still rare. The research on this subject can take the blueprint of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2008 to practice, help enrich the theory of the square sports arts, and also develop the human cultural treasures with international significance and profound historical significance.


The study , based on my past experience to design and organize many opening ceremonies such as Asia games and National Games, takes means of questionnaires survey, literature & video data analyzing, experts interview, etc.


I , as a chief director, designed and organized the group calisthenics in the opening ceremonies of many lager games such as the 4th, 6th and 9th National Sports Games, the 11th Asia Games and the 3rd National Disabled Games, which have made a lot of innovative achievements with favorable public comments. I investigated and analyzed over 30 group calisthenics or sports shows in the opening ceremonies in the larger international and national sports games for the past five decades, and I have published 6 textbooks (as the Chief Editor) and over 20 papers involving this field. These can
provide me with some deeper considerations and insights how to design and organize the group calisthenics of the opening ceremonies in lager games. It can serve 2008 Olympic Games hold in Beijing as a reference.


The study shows that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2008 should reflect the national features, seek the innovation, show the splendid scene, and carry forward the sports spirit (for more details, see my poster). Especially, more attention should be paid to exploiting our national sports treasure and taking more forms of sports shows. That is, it should not only meet the demand of the nature of international sports games, but also give prominence to the feature of the square sports arts. And it should serve enriching the world culture.


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