Investigation and research on university sportsmen adaptability in psychological conduct

Por: Da-xin Li, Hong-xia Song, Qing-yu Wong, Xian-ying Ma e Yi-min Lui.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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The university sportsman is a special youth group, because they not only have doable identities-college and sportsman, but also have assumed double assignments-study and training. Under demand of double characters and regulations, whether they can adapt to the university life and what obstacles they come across in daptability in psychological conduct? If we make deep investigation and research, we can provide evidences for further enforcing management and nurturing for the sportsmen.Up to now, the research on sportsmen’ adaptability in psychological conduct has not been found out by documentation and internet.


1. Research object: The college sportsmen from freshman to senior of 11universities in 7 provinces and municipalities of China. Quantity: 255 Male:140 Female:115.Average age: 20.5±3.Majors: literature, natural science, industrial science, agriculture science, judicial science, administrative science, economic science. Time of investigation: Nov------Dec 2002.
2. Research means: On the basis of looking up documentation and interview, laying out. Form for Sportsmen Adaptability in psychological conduct. First: Taking the preparatory measure for the 40 college sportsmen of Qufu normal University. Second: Revising and selecting the recovery questionnaires. Finally: Judging the content validity of the questionnaires 8 experts, the getting the validity coefficient 0.83. Distributing 280 questionnaires to 11 universities after amending the investigation form officially.Quantity of Recovery Valid Questionnaire: 255. Reclaim coefficient: 91.07%.
Adopting the Cronback,L.J  coefficient method to the recovery valid questionnaires to conduct reliability test to the internal consistency, and getting the reliability coefficient 0.81.
Conducting factor analysis to the investigation data by adopting SPSS11.0 floppy disc and carrying out other routine statistics.


1. The Factor Analysis of Influencing Sportsmen’ adaptability in psychological conduct: Conducting R-pattern factor analysis to the original data which was got my summing up the related tanks among the whole test items of the recovery valid questionnaire and getting 7 main factors, which can explain the 67.75% of wholly variance.
2. Basic condition of Sportsmen’ Adaptability in psychological conduct: The statistics shows that, the mean mark of sportsmen; adaptability in psychological conduct is: 64.18. The mark between female and male takes on marked difference. And the senior’s is obviously superior to the other 3 grades.
3.The mark comparison of adaptability in psychological conduct in different gender and grade.
In terms of study pressure, employment pressure and self-consciousness.
The mark of female and male sportsman is inferior to the mean mark, which shows that influence the sportsmen’ adaptability in psychological conduct.
Taking mean difference significance testing to every factor mark of female and male, the difference is very distinct between gender in enduring frustration (p<0.01)
In terms of employment pressure and self-consciousness, the difference is also marked (p<0.05)
The mark in study pressure between senior and other three grades sportsman also takes on marked difference (p<0.05)

Discussion / Conclusions

1.According to the result of factor analysis, the factors which influence sportsmen’ adaptability in psychological conduct can be inducted in 7 dimensions: character conflict, study pressure, communicative relations, enduring frustration, employment pressure, satisfaction on the whole and self-consciousness.
2.The male and female mean mark has marked difference. The reason that produced the difference which is influenced by Chinese traditional culture, family environment, gender physiology and psychological difference maybe is that the emotion of female is more exquisite, sensitive and vulnerable than the male. And the dependence of female on family, relatives and friends is stronger.
3.This research result provides help for us in understanding adaptability conditions in psychological conduct and main influence factors on college sportsman in the process of study and training. The further research should pay attention to these influence factors and deeply explore the correspondent guide principles and methods which can improve the sportsmen’ adaptability in psychological conduct


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