Investors opinions about sport marketing in libya

Por: Almuez Shaftar.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This study aimed to indetify the investors’ opinions about the impediments of sports marketing in Libya and also to know the investors’ opinions about the proposed work spheres of sports marketing in Libya beside the investors’ opinions about the most important individual and group games that bring success to sports marketing in Libya. To accomplish the study objectives, the researcher formulated research questions about the investors’ points of view to articulate the true sports marketing situation in Libya. The study endeavors to answer the following questions:
1.What are the investors’ views about the sports marketing impediments?
2.What are the proposed work fields for sports marketing according to the investors’ opinions?
3.What are the main individual and collective games that are successful in sports marketing according to the investors’ beliefs?


The descriptive method is used because it is appropriate for the nature of study and because of its objectivity. The study sample was chosen randomly. The actual number is 30 investors. All of them are Libyan businessmen who have interests in the sports field. The questionnaire was conducted in July 2003.


In the light of the research results, the sample opinions, the tools used and the objectives of the study, the researcher could reach the following conclusions: There are a number of impediments that hinder work in sports marketing from the points of view of the investors centering around the following issues or pivots: 1.The sports policy aspect: This aspect focuses on the absence of concerns about the sports field, deficiency in financing. 2.The laws & rules issue: This is summarized in the unavailability of laws and rules that organize work in sports marketing (11) agreed with this when he emphasized the necessity of a creating balance among the different marketing aspects taking into consideration that sportsmarketing.
3.Awareness of sports marketing importance: This centers on the unawareness on the part of sportsmen, the investors’ uncertainty of sports marketing value. 4.The technical and administrative aspect: This aspect is summed up as the lack of media coverage of sports events beside Some suggested work opportunities concerning sports marketing concentrated on (3) stress the importance of the sports marketing process as a comprehensive field.


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