Laboratory research on the level effect of sex hormone by acupuncturing to sd big rat and human body

Por: Guoxiang Wang, He Wang e Jing Jia.

Athens 2004: Pre-olympic Congress

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This research, according to Chinese medicine theory, is used acupuncture as the method which keeps in good health and strengthen the function of thalamencephalon-hypophysis-sex gland/adrenal gland Axes function, comparing observe the effect changes of SD big rats’ blood plasma T, LH and Human bodies’ blood plasma T and saliva T, further discuss on their action system.

Research Objects & Methods

Choose 45pcs SD male-big rats 250-300g weight, aged 3 months, and random divide them into Comparing Team (CT), Fatigue Team (FT) and Fatigue& Acupuncture Team (FAT).The sport load for FT and FAT is a slope of 10% for running
machine, speed 35m/min(85~90%Vo2max), sport time 60 minutes, once time per day, total training time is 5 weeks. Besides, FAT is acupunctured Guan Yuan point and Shen Yu Point. Choose 56 male healthy students aged 18-20. Among them 40 participants are as blood plasma T Test Team (each 10 for Acupuncture Fen Fu Point Team, Acupuncture Guan Yuan Point Team, Acupuncture Shen Shu Point Team and Comparing Team); Other 16 participants are as Saliva T Test Team ( Each 8 for Acupuncture Guan Yan and Shen Shu Two-Point Team and Comparing Team).

Research Result

Big Rat Blood Plasma T of FAT is clearly higher than FT (P<0.01). Comparing with blood plasma LH from three teams, FAT is clearly higher than CT and FT( P<0.05); Observing the testicle and adenoid hypophysis LH cell structures under electron micro-scope, both test teams and comparing team have different shape changes. Human body blood plasma T Test is conducted by taking twice blood plasma before and after acupuncture from each team as statistics. The result illustrates that the level of blood plasma T are much different contrasting (acupuncture) Fen Fu PointTeam, Guan Yuan Point Team with Comparing Team (P<0.01), the difference (P<0.05) contrasting Shen Shu Point Team with Comparing Team. The result of blood plasma level among three teams is Feng FU Point Team> Guan Yuan Point Team> Shen Shu Point Team, however, which is no sense in the statistics. Otherwise, observe the effect to human body saliva T level after acupuncture during the experiment. The result illustrates that the concentration of saliva T from test teams begin to clearly high up (one hour after acupuncture), the difference contrast with the Comparing team is much clear (P<0.05); The concentration of saliva T from test Teams reach climax high at 10:00am (two hours after acupuncture), contrasting with Comparing team is very much clear (P<0.01); And other results after 11:00am showed although there’s no much too differences between test Teams and comparing team, The activity level of Test Teams are still higher than comparing team.

Research Conclusion

Acupuncture Fen Fu Point, Guan Yuan Point and Shen Shu Point can promote thalamencephalon-hypophysis-sex gland/adrenal gland Axes function normal and active steroid and also have the function on exciting T secretion and enhance the level of body blood plasma T and saliva T.


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